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welcomeAIR CARGO is again a part of global logistics connecting every part of the world in terms of both Imports & Exports. Air Cargo is a common terminology where the assignment is executed as NORMAL CARGO which can be carried in a Passenger Flight,ODD SIZED CARGO which are transported only on a Freighter& HEAVY CONSIGNMENTS OF HUGE VOLUME in a CHARTERED FLIGHT. HAZARDOUS shipments are classified and are carried in Freighters based on assessment of their hazardous capacity.

Professionalism lies in deciding the faster mode of transport by any the combination mode at a reasonable rate to achieve corporate objective. Air shipment is again an interesting phenomenon in shipping industry where the faster mode of transport can be established.
Analyze the product &dimensions of the consignments and arrive at a decision of HAZARDOUS/NON-HAZARDOUS in nature and decide on transporting the same by AIR. Shipments are analyzed as follows

HAZARDOUS consignments may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board it. The air transportation of these dangerous materials can either be forbidden or restricted. The definition of standards for documentation, handling and training, as well as their promotion and use, contributed to achieve a very high degree of safety in the transportation of dangerous goods by air. These consignments are generally termed as IATA – Dangerous Goods (DG) Consignments. We provide a great variety of technical knowledge, products, services and training solutions, tailored to satisfy industry needs.

NON HAZARDOUS consignments otherwise known as General Cargo without hazardous or dangerous properties and does not require additional precautions for air transport are usually transported either by passenger aircraft or freighter depending on the dimension of the consignment. All shipments are executed under an IATA airway bill & everyone from the importer/exporter, IATA Agents, Freight Forwarders & Custom House Agent has full responsibility until the consignment is delivered to the consignee.

As we are in ON/OFFSHORE LOGISTICS, we usually handle ODD Sized consignments from variouspart of the globe to ensure faster delivery and to keep up the schedule of customer. END to END logistics for all OFF Shore Equipments are handled by us in accordance with the LAW of the LAND including permissions from Ministry for Imports & Re-Export with proper customs procedure in place. All Rented Equipments , if SECOND HAND goods are handled with the involvement of Chartered Engineers for Valuation & Residual Life of the Equipments with proper procedure in place. Again, we direct the customers with correct documentation procedures which clearly paves way for smooth clearance & operations as per schedule.

Again, correct procedures in terms of SOP helps the customer a substantial savings in terms of real money & time and also keeps up the TIME SCHEDULE of the customer. PROFESSIONALISM pays as we have defined & committed employees to handle bigger projects in INDIA.